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Preparing for the Professional Data Engineer exam

The purpose of this course is to help qualified people develop the confidence to take the exam and to help those who are not yet qualified to develop a preparation plan.


In this course, participants will learn the following skills:
  • Positioning of the Professional Data Engineer certification
  • Information, tips and suggestions for taking the exam.
  • Review of case study examples
  • Review of each section of the exam that covers concepts at a level sufficient to generate confidence in the candidate’s knowledge and indicate gaps in skills and other areas of study, if unknown
  • Appropriate learning resources for each candidate.


This class is aimed at the following audience:
  • Individuals preparing for the Professional Data Engineer examination.


To make the most of this course, participants must meet the following criteria:


8 hours (1 day)


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Course Outline

The course includes presentations, demonstrations and hands-on labs.