For five consecutive years, we are Google Cloud Partner of the Year

It is with great satisfaction that we celebrate another significant achievement: for the 5th consecutive year, we have been recognized as Google Cloud Training Partner of the Year LATAM!

This recognition from the Silicon Valley giant highlights the training partner that, according to Google Cloud, has had the highest student satisfaction rates throughout the region.

Arki1 Team - Google Cloud Training Partner of the Year 2024 in Latin America
The Arki1 team celebrates the award at Google Cloud Next 2024, in Las Vegas.

This achievement reflects our commitment to excellence in teaching and the dedication of our entire team. Among the criteria established by Google, customer feedback and our internal collaboration stand out.

Our consistently high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores in various trainings demonstrate our ability to deliver high-quality learning experiences, catering to clients from diverse sectors such as telecommunications, industry, and technology.

Our collaboration with Google’s internal teams, including GTM Training, PSO, Sales, Marketing, and Technical Curriculum Development, has been key to our success. This partnership enables us to offer training that is up-to-date and aligned with Google Cloud’s latest innovations and best practices.

Regional Trainer of the Year Latam 2024 - Ronoaldo Pereira
Instructor Ronoaldo Pereira has been chosen for the third consecutive time as Regional Trainer of The Year.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that the Regional Trainer of The Year LATAM is from Arki1.

Our instructor Ronoaldo Pereira has achieved this well-deserved recognition, a testament to his commitment and dedication to teaching. This is the third consecutive year he has received this award. Congratulations, Ronoaldo!

For five straight years, Arki1 instructors have received this prestigious award, highlighting their exceptional dedication and skill.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this achievement: the Arki1 team, Googlers, clients, partners, and students. Your support and trust in our work are crucial on this path to success.

We look forward to continuing to grow together even more.

With gratitude and enthusiasm,

Arki1 Team.