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Preparing for Your Professional Cloud Security Engineer Journey

This course helps learners prepare for the Professional Cloud Security Engineer (PCSE) Certification exam. Learners will be exposed to and engage with exam topics through a series of lectures, diagnostic questions, and knowledge checks. After completing this course, learners will have a personalized workbook that will guide them through the rest of their certification readiness journey.


In this course, participants will learn the following skills:
  • Describe the domains covered on the Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification exam.
  • Identify gaps in your knowledge and skills for each domain and create a study plan.


This course is intended for the following participants:
  • Customers, Partners, Googlers.


To get the most out of this course, participants should:

  • Associate Cloud Engineer certification or equivalent experience.


1 day/8 hours


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Course outline

  • Understand the role of a Professional Cloud Security Engineer.
  • Learn about the sample scenario used throughout the course.
  • Understand the benefits of becoming Google Cloud Certified.
  • Understand the course structure and types of learning assessments.
  • • Define Resource Hierarchy and configure Cloud Identity.
  • Explain considerations for managing service accounts, authentication, and authorization controls.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop to use best practices for configuring access within a cloud solution environment.
  • Identify considerations involved in designing network security (perimeter controls, load balancing, DNSSE, addressing, Cloud DNS).
  • Describe how to configure network segmentation and establish private connectivity.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop in order to design and configure network security.
  • Identify practices to protect sensitive data.
  • Recognize Google’s approach to managing encryption.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop in order to apply Google’s approach to protect and encrypt sensitive data.
  • Identify considerations involved in building and deploying secure infrastructure and applications.
  • Describe how to design and configure effective logging, monitoring, and detection in Google Cloud.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop to ensure successful ongoing security operations in a Google Cloud environment.
  • Identify considerations for compliance and regulatory requirements in a cloud environment.
  • Determine the skills you need to develop to ensure regulatory compliance for solutions in Google Cloud.
  • Learn how to create an individualized study plan.
  • Review sample study plans.
  • Learn how to register for the exam.