We are Google Cloud Partner of the Year for the fourth consecutive time

It is with great pride that we share an achievement that reflects years of collaboration and dedication. We are pleased to announce that, for the fourth consecutive time, we have been named by Google Cloud Learning Services as the Google Cloud Partner of the Year for Training in Latin America.

Arki1 Team - Google Cloud Training Partner of the Year 2023 in Latin America

We also have the privilege to announce that our instructor Ronoaldo Pereira, has received well-deserved recognition as Trainer of the Year! His commitment, knowledge, and dedication to teaching have been highlighted for the second consecutive year.

Ronoaldo Pereira - Google Cloud Trainer of the Year 2023 in Latin America

Our journey with Google dates back to 2010 when we took the first steps in providing official Google Search Appliance training in Latin America. This collaboration has evolved over the years. In 2011, we began delivering official Google Apps training, now known as Google Workspace, to Google partners. Starting in September 2018, we became a Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner, further expanding our ability to offer quality training.

Among the recognition criteria established by Google, the following stand out:

  • Customer Feedback: Our consistently high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings in various training sessions, spanning industries such as Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Automotive.
  • Partnership and Internal Feedback: Our collaboration with Google’s internal teams, including GTM Training, PSO, Sales, Marketing, and Technical Curriculum Development.

This achievement is the result of the collective effort of our team, instructors, students, clients, Googlers, and partners. We express our gratitude to each one of you for your contributions.

We look forward to the next steps!

With gratitude and enthusiasm,

Arki1 Team.