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In times of COVID-19, Virtual Instructor-led Training is even more relevant and strategic

Covid-19: Take advantage of the quarantine to enhance your resume with our remote and live Google Cloud training

As many people around the world are facing different the levels of social distancing and quarantine measures because of Covid-19 pandemic, we thought could benefitial to share with you what Google Cloud calls Virtual Instructor-led Training, or VILT in short.

Google Cloud give you a variety of ways to learn as they understand that some learn best from hands-on labs or through self-paced video courses on sites like Coursera and Pluralsight, while some prefer to learn directly from Google Authorized instructors or even a combination of all 3 methods.

When it comes to instructor led training it is not always easy to get a group of people physically together. As a matter of fact, because of traveling/lodging costs, even before Covid-19 outbreak many students learned Google Cloud with VILT delivered by Arki1. But did you know that you could get all the benefits of an in-person classroom training without the hassle of travel?

It is called a Virtual Instructor-led training. With Virtual Instructor-led training, Google certified instructors use the same curriculum as in-person training. They will take you to the same demonstrations and run the same hands-on activities as they would if you were in the same room together.

The instructors and students connect via webcam developing a sense of community like a traditional classroom. This creates an engaging environment to answer questions and aid in supporting students individually.

To make things fun we may use interactive tools like quizzes, pools, and even games!

In the virtual classroom, flexibility is paramount. Students can join from different locations across multiple time zones.

Customers typically love these virtual instructor-led training. Within one organization, 17 unique virtual classes were ran for 409 employees across 4 different time zones. They gave an overall experience a 98% satisfaction rating.

Virtual Instructor-led training offered the same in-person experience with a certified trainer, but at a scale and schedule logistically difficult to achieve otherwise.

Google Cloud virtual instructor-led training is open and ready for enrollment.

You can check out our complete training catalog on our Training page or our classrooms schedule on Training / Calendar & Enrollment page. You can also reach out us directly through our Contact page for more information about more options on private classrooms, custom course outline and dates/schedules so we can better fullfill your learning needs.

We eagerly await the opportunity to e-meet you face to face in one of our virtual classrooms.

Hope to see you there.