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6 Google Cloud certifications in 10 days

Today I received the confirmation of approval 😀 in the 6th new GCP certification exam that I set out to take in the last days, which added to the 3 that I already had, total 9 \o/

This sequence of approvals made me especially happy because the idea of getting all the certifications came up suddenly and I had it right after passing the exam to renew my Professional Cloud Architect.

As the decision was sudden, and I would not have time to retake all the courses or study extensively for each one, my strategy essentially consisted of first doing the ones that I believed to be easier, as a warm-up and thus gaining more “confidence” and as long as I was approved, schedule the next for the first slot available for evaluation.

This approach resulted in the following:

In general, I can say that I really liked the tests and I intend with this post to start a series of tips with content that can help you prepare for them.

In addition, I must mention that there are several ways to learn and prepare to succeed in the certification exams, and regardless of whether getting certified is your goal or not, I cannot forget to recommend the official Google Cloud courses.

Check our Training page to see a complete list of available options.