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About us

Arki1 is a training company specialized in Google Cloud founded in 2016 whose motto is People-oriented technology. We are a Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner, which means that we are a company evaluated and authorized by Google to deliver training using official materials and practical exercises created by Google Cloud team itself.


Arki1 (internally we say Arki One) was born in 2016 as a spin-off of the training area of a company that was part of a small group of 5 companies that were the first Brazilian partners of Google Enterprise, which was how it was then called the corporate division of the global search giant when it landed in Brazilian in the already distant year of 2006.

In September 2018 we became a Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner as part of our aim to help people and companies achieve their goals and potential using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solutions through remote (but live) or face-to-face classes in ours facilities or in-company classes.

But as we said at the beginning, this partnership dates back a long way and in 2010 we were selected by Google to provide training in Latin America, in Portuguese and Spanish, in a product called the Google Search Appliance, which was the first product created by Google aiming meet the needs of the corporate world.

Google Search Appliance
Google Search Appliance, a solution for an integrated and universal search

As a result of the success of delivering these trainings, in 2011 we were selected by Google to deliver G Suite trainings to partners in the Latin America, helping them learn methodologies and best practices for successfully conducting G Suite deployment and adoption projects (then called Google Apps).

Google Apps, as G Suite was initially known

That’s why we say that we bring in our DNA more than 10 years of experience supporting medium and large companies through consultancy and training related to Google technologies such as G Suite and GCP in Latin America but also in Europe and Asia, always receiving super positive reviews. It’s like a Googler friend of ours says whenever he introduces us: “Arki1 is a Google training partner even before we officially structure such training partnership program“.